There are a few things that are good practice to do when looking to move home, preparation is the key to making your move go smoother and with less stress.

As we all know moving house can be very stressful if the basic actions have not been put into place prior to the BIG day. We have put together a few hints & tips together to help you.

    • Confirm the date of you move with all parties involved in your move including (Removal companies, van hire companies, storage companies if required and local residents as not to restrict access on the day with parked cars near your home).
    • The Royal Mail Post redirection service is a great way of catching any postal information who you may have forgot to notify, this will redirect your post from your previous address to your new one. This can be set to a variation of time scales, you can do this here by clicking the link :
    • Notify all your utilities of the date of your move: i.e. ( Gas supplier, Electric supplier, banks, pensions companies, schools, phone companies, Water supplier, TV licensing, TV & Internet provider, Store cards & Credit Companies ) these are just a few you may have more but the redirection by Royal Mail will catch the ones that you may forget.
    • You must notify the DVLA of any change of address with all licence holders in the property and electoral role registration as this is a legal requirement.
    • Make a list of all the items that will be moving with you in your property and which room they are in is great idea. The best time to do this will be when you have a good clear out a few weeks prior to the BIG day. This will make it easier for removal companies to quote you on the move or give you a good idea of the quantity and duration you will require a hire vehicle. You don’t want to be paying for the removal of excess goods that you no longer require or need. There are many charities that would be able to make use of these items that you don’t want and help others in need. (One persons rubbish can be another persons gold).
    • Prepare your Storage boxes well in advance of your move date as they can be obtained from friends , local supermarkets, local shops, restaurants, gumtree (wanted) or just look on line and you will always be able to lay your hands on unwanted boxes. This will prevent the purchase of new ones and help towards our ever increasing risk to the environment.
    • Other useful items are brown self adhesive tape , sheets of brown paper or bubble wrap for the delicate items , sticky labels or large markers to identify the contents of each box or the location of were the box belongs in your new home i.e. ( Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom etc).
    • Pack in advance of the BIG day leaving items that are essential until the last day for example (cleaning products, vacuum , bin bags, kettle, toaster, mugs, minimum plates and cutlery, coffee, tea, sugar, toothpaste, tooth brush, shower gel, shampoo, bedding for fist night in your new home keep separate) these are just a few ideas of items to leave till very last. Always leave your minimum wardrobe items till last as anything can change with your move day at the last minute, especially if you are in a chain of buyers.
    • Notify your friends and relatives of your move date and forwarding address details. Is all there is left is to have a safe and stress free move and a memorable and enjoyable day for the whole family

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