When it comes to high-volume capacities for 3.5 ton vehicles, the box Luton van or Lutons are the best option for moving house along with the Low Loaders (we will explain the Low Loaders in another article).

With the additional weight capacity and comfort systems along with the larger chasses, payloads can vary between models and manufactures. Luton Vans typically have a payload of around 800 kg – 1200kg depending on make and model. Our Ford Transit Luton that we have in stock has a payload of 1000kg and the Citroen Relay Luton has a payload of 1100kg, both of these Luton vans are more than adequate for the assistance in house removal with their load space capability.

The load length is 4100mm, Width 2000mm and internal height 2130mm with the added benefit of the electric 500kg tail lift, depending on model they will typically have 1 or 2 control units to operate the tail lift, these can be found on the external body of the box or inside the roller door. The control unit allows you to operate the tail lift from ground level to the loading bed level with great ease.

The benefits of the electric tail lifts are for the heavy items i.e. (Fridge, cooker, washing machine etc) can be loaded onto the tail lift at ground level then lifted up to the load bed providing safety to manual handling.

Our Luton Box Vans also have a fully retractable rear loading door again making it easy to operate, this roller door once shut is secured by a locking mechanism with the addition security of the electric tail lift once in the upright position preventing anyone from gaining access to the goods onboard whist the power is isolated.

The great benefit of all 3.5 ton Luton vans is they can be driven on a normal full driving licence without having to take any addition licence training, they are very easy to drive with paying additional attention to the height of the vehicle, there should always be a height restriction sign in the cab of all Luton vans for the driver to refer to when traveling underneath low bridges and signs.

All in all a great versatile solution in the assistance for moving house.

If you’d like more information about hiring a Luton van please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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